Say Goodbye to Multiple Systems

Imagine the power of a Distributed Graph Database engine with the flexibility of a Document Database all in one product. This is OrientDB. The first and best scalable, high-performance, operational NoSQL database. But there’s much more under the hood. OrientDB incorporates a search engine, Key-Value and Object-Oriented concepts along with a reactive model (with Live Queries) and geospatial awareness, making it the first and only true Multi-Model Database. Add that to Download our Community Edition, released under the Open Source, commercial friendly Apache 2 license and get started with no strings attached.

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Graph Database

OrientDB’s flexible Multi-Model Database contains a pure Graph Database engine compliant with the Apache TinkerPop standard.
OrientDB is incredibly fast (storing up to 120,000 records per second*). It supports schema-less, schema-full and schema-mixed modes and includes SQL among its query languages along with a custom SQL based language which reduces the learning curve for those new to OrientDB. What’s more, our graph editor makes creating and editing vertices or edges simple. If you’re new to NoSQL or the world of graph databases and wish to try out OrientDB community, check out our Working with Graphs

Document Database

In OrientDB all Vertices and Edges are documents. You can embed documents like any other document database, but OrientDB also supports relationships. Why connect documents rather than embedding them? To avoid duplicates. The resulting database is smaller, lighter and faster, with better use of RAM resulting in more effective caching. Upon loading a tree of documents, OrientDB will assemble the entire document structure by fetching all connections transparently. With OrientDB, traversing speed is not affected by the database size. It is always constant, whether for one record or 100 billion records. This is critical in the age of Big Data!

odb docs

How does OrientDB stack up against the competition? Take a look at the advantages of OrientDB against Neo4j or MongoDB.


No more Polyglot Persistence

Managing multiple systems is over-complicated and expensive. They require large teams skilled in different database technologies lacking a common standard and synchronization of data between these databases is entirely up to developers. Furthermore production environments require contracts from different vendors.

All Your Databases in One

Imagine a database capable of managing all you financial data, recommendations, sessions, product catalogues and searches. Everything centralized and manage under one license. Use it as a pure graph database, a document database or use OrientDB as the only system for your application.



If you’re coming from a RDBMS, remember to check out Teleporter to import or sync your relational data to OrientDB.


 The Four Pillars of orientdb_logo_hatchsmall


Easily create and manage user roles as well as advanced auditing features.

security Security

Your precious data is safe! Security for us is paramount as customers are storing their valuable, critical and confidential data in OrientDB. With improved auditing and authentication, password SALT and data-at-rest encryption, OrientDB is the most secure Open-Source NoSQL database on the market.




Manage virtually every aspect of your database through OrientDB Studio.

Operations Operations

Looking for Incremental Backups? We’ve got that covered. What’s more, with OrientDB’s latest 2.2 version, the new OrientDB Studio adds a new peer-to-peer architecture and new modules. We’ve also officially released Teleporter: a new tool to sync with relational databases and simplify migrations to OrientDB. OrientDB 2.2 also introduces the Neo4j to OrientDB Importer, allowing you to import your Neo4j graph to OrientDB in a few simple steps.



With Live Queries there’s no need to run the same query multiple times.

api APIs

SQL is the English of databases” and we’re constantly improving our SQL access layer to simplify graph operations. OrientDB provides APIs for all the most popular programming languages. New additions include Pattern Matching, Command Cache, Parallel Queries and Live Queries (available in versions 2.1 and above), which enable events or notifications to be pushed to an application whenever triggered saving precious resources and eliminating notification delays. Take a look at the supported drivers.



throughput chart

Unmatched throughput when compared to Neo4j

performance Performance & Stability

We’ve done multiple optimizations to the core engine and, in many cases, performance increased tenfold! Our distributed capabilities are also constantly improving and we’ve introduced fast-resync of nodes. OrientDB supports the new configurable Graph Consistency to speed-up change operations against graphs. When it comes to performance, OrientDB has a lot more to offer. Take a look at our key advantages for a complete list of features.

Looking for a faster and more affordable solution? Try out our Neo4j to OrientDB Importer and give OrientDB a shot with your existing graph database.

logocircleOrientDB Community Edition

OrientDB Community Edition is our Open Source software, perfect for non-strategic projects that do not require support, constant tuning or professional tools such as Non-Stop Backups, Monitoring, Profiling and Auditing. By combining a Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one powerful multi-model engine, our unique and proven approach makes it easy to use one DBMS for many different use cases in complex domains. OrientDB Community Edition comes with an Apache 2 license. You may use our Community Edition commercially at no additional cost and with no strings attached.

Give OrientDB Community Edition a try if you are:

  • Interested in Schemaless Document functionality.
  • Wanting Super-fast Graph Database functionality.
  • Familiar with SQL.
  • Tired of slow JOINS!
  • Looking for a FREE open-source solution commercial use.
  • Are unhappy with your current database.

logocircle OrientDB Enterprise Edition

OrientDB Enterprise Edition is our Commercial software designed specifically for applications seeking a scalable, robust and secure multi-model database. Its main goal is to save time and money on your OrientDB investment by reducing risk, cost, effort & time invested in a business critical application. It includes all Community features plus professional enterprise tools such as Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Auditing Tools, Metrics recording, Live Monitor with configurable Alerts, and Non-Stop Incremental Backups.

Get OrientDB Enterprise Edition if you require:

  • Everything in the Community version plus Advanced Enterprise Tools.
  • Enhanced Security and Relational DBMS Synchronization.
  • 24/7 Support with SLA plus Quick Priority Issue Resolution.
  • A Direct Private Chat Channel to the OrientDB Development Team.
  • Commercial licenses for your Test and Production environments.


If you are already using OrientDB in production, take a look at our Professional Support services for 24/7 support around the globe.

 Language Drivers



* On Intel i7 8 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, SSD RPM, Multi-threads, No indexes, PLocal access