OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product. It is a unique, true multi-model DBMS equipped to tackle today’s big data challenges and offers multi-master replication, sharding as well as more flexibility for modern, complex use cases. Users get all of this with an Open Source commercial friendly Apache 2 license.


OrientDB is incredibly fast (storing up to 120,000 records per second*). It supports schema-less, schema-full and schema-mixed modes and includes SQL among its query languages along with a custom SQL based language which reduces the learning curve for those new to OrientDB.  If you’re new to the world of graph databases and wish to try out OrientDB community, check out our Working with Graphs tutorial.

OrientDB v2.2 GA Community Edition



Your precious data is safe! Security for us is paramount as customers are storing their valuable, critical and confidential data in OrientDB. With improved auditing and authentication, password salt and data-at-rest encryption, OrientDB is one of the most secure DBMS on the market.


Looking for Incremental Backups? We’ve got that covered. What’s more, with OrientDB’s latest 2.2 version, the new OrientDB Studio (a workbench replacement) adds a new peer-to-peer architecture and new modules. We’ve also officially released Teleporter: a new tool to sync with relational databases and simplify migrations to OrientDB.


“SQL is the English of databases” and we’re constantly improving our SQL access layer to simplify graph operations. New additions include Pattern Matching, Command Cache, Parallel Queries and Live Query graduating from experimental to stable. Also OrientJS, the official Node driver, now supports native unmarshalling.

performancePerformance & Stability

We’ve done multiple optimizations to the core engine and, in many cases, performance increased tenfold! Our distributed capabilities are also constantly improving and we’ve introduced fast-resync of nodes. OrientDB supports the new configurable Graph Consistency to speed-up change operations against graphs.

+82% throughput with multiple cores 
 +1,000% throughput with replication in HA



OrientDB Community Edition is completely FREE for any use (Apache 2 license). Our open source software is built upon by a community of developers and is constantly improving.  Features such as horizontal scaling, fault tolerance, clustering, sharding and replicating aren’t disabled in OrientDB community.

OrientDB Enterprise Edition is the commercial extension of our software created to handle more robust & demanding use cases. Our Enterprise edition includes additional features such as Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Metrics recording, and Live Monitor with configurable Alerts.

If you’re using OrientDB in production, have a look at our Professional Support service.

There’s Simply no Comparison! 


Nothing available on the market comes close to OrientDB in regards to feature offerings or our transparent competitive pricing. Competition quickly will follow suit, but it would take combining several different competitive DBMS products to give you the same functionality.


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* On Intel i7 8 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, SSD RPM, Multi-threads, No indexes, PLocal access