OServer - getInstance()

This method retrieves the given instance of an OrientDB Server by its Server ID.

Retrieving OServer Instances

In addition to starting an embedded instance of the OrientDB Server, you can also retrieve a particular OServer instance, as identified by its Server ID. If you want to retrieve the server instance by its path, see the getInstaceByPath() method.


public static OServer OServer().getInstance(String iServerId)
Argument Type Description
iServerId java.lang.String Defines the Server ID you want to retrieve.

Return Value

This method returns an OServer instance.


Imagine you have OrientDB running in a distributed deployment and have an operation that you need to run on several servers in sequence. You might use a method such as this to convert a list of Server ID's into one of active OServer instances.

 * Retrieve OServer Instances by ID
public List<OServer> fetchOServers(OServer oserver, List<String> ids){

   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Fetching OrientDB Servers");

   // Initialize Variables
   List<OServer> oservers;

   // Loop Over Server ID's
   for (int i = 0; i < ids.size(); i++){

      // Retrieve ID
      String id = ids.get(i);

      // Retrieve OServer


   // Return OServer List
   return oservers;


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